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Meet your equine behaviorist​

Hey there! I'm Hannah Nusbaum, a total horse lover and self-proclaimed nerd, and let me tell you, my journey in this field has been one wild ride.
I grew up right in the heart of North Linden, Columbus and discovered my love for horses at a young age.
Started taking lessons when I was just six, and after that, I rode with anyone who'd let me hop on a horse.


Now, let me tell you, I've ridden all kinds of horses in my time. From untrained pasture pets to Congress pleasure horses, to seasoned dressage mounts, I've experienced a lot.  I embraced each and every opportunity to learn and improve my skills.

Of course, it wasn't always smooth. I faced my fair share of challenges and criticism along the way.
But you know what I believe? Constructive criticism should always come with solutions and support, yet often doesn't. That's what helps us troubleshoot and lend a hand and learn from each other. So, firmness and fairness have always been my go-to principles when it comes to training and teaching.

Back in 2007, I found myself with a young, untrained wily colt and not a ton of cash to spare. Talk about a pickle!
But you know what they say, necessity is the mother of invention. So, I rolled up my sleeves and became a mostly self-taught horseman.
I learned a lot of what not to do the hard way at first. I dove into books, hit up the library, and scoured the web for all the horse knowledge I could get my hands on.


I followed the big names in the industry and also discovered the real gems—those local trainers who knew their stuff.
They taught me a thing or two, and boy, am I grateful for their wisdom. And hey, I still keep expanding my knowledge base to this day. I've attended countless clinics, taken lessons, and even focused on the mental side of riding through clinics with experts like Patrick King and Dr. Paul Haefner, Parelli early on, Chris Irwin. 

Now, horses have been more than just a hobby for me. They've been my rock during tough times—heartaches, traumas, and tragedies.
They've been my source of solace and healing. I can't express enough how much I appreciate these amazing creatures. And that's why I'm all about sharing the joy and therapeutic benefits of horsemanship and recreational riding with others.
Whether I'm teaching a little kid to ride or helping a troubled horse overcome behavioral issues to reignite their owner's love for these magnificent animals, I'm all in.

Making a positive impact on people's lives through my experiences is what drives me.

These days, I run my own place in Hilliard with my awesome hubby, Chris Nusbaum. We take care of up to 16 horses for boarding and training.

My main focus right now? Helping anxious riders get back in the saddle, boosting their confidence and comfort. I'm also here for those dealing with mental blocks and tackling the behavioral issues of problem horses. I'm big on raising awareness and mastering emotional regulation in the saddle. But hey, don't you worry. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, I promise you'll gain valuable insights if you're up for some out of the box lessons.

My goal is to create a supportive environment where riders can learn and grow, both as equestrians and as individuals. I truly believe horses have the power to transform lives, and I'm all about helping others experience the sheer joy and incredible benefits of horsemanship. So, saddle up, my friend, and let's embark on this incredible journey together!

To read more about the current facility, and look at booking click HERE.
To read more about Hannah's riding, teaching and training background and experience go HERE. 

My strongest asset to my training is -my adaptability, hands down!

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