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Tuition Plans Below

These are reoccuring charges, to recieve these prices the package must be paid for up front. Please see lesson policies for cancellation and refund info.

  • The Elite Rider Package Weekly Charge

    Every week
    Best of both worlds, take a group lesson and a private lesson weekly
    • Get to work on finer points and broader worker with peers
    • Practice skills with an added layer of difficulty and fun
    • Learn from other riders' journeys
    • A combo of any 2 lessons offered that week
  • The Elite Rider Package Monthly

    Every month
    Best of both worlds, take a group lesson and a private lesson weekly
    • One Private Lesson Weekly AND
    • One Group Lesson Weekly
    • Get to work on finer points and broader worker with peers
    • Practice skills at a higher difficulty
    • Learn from other riders' journeys
  • Private weekly Tuition - Hannah

    Every month
    Get private weekly lessons with head instructor based on tuition rates
    • Monthly charge for weekly lessons
    • One on one with head instructor
    • Exclusive time to discuss questions and finer points
    • Perfect for those needing more focus
    • Average rate of $60 a private with 42 week a year operation
    • A lesson every week 42-44 weeks a year
  • Private Biweekly Tuition-Hannah

    Every month
    Ride biweekly, for those with tough schedule restrictions
    • Every other week lessons, monthly charge
    • Harder to fit in than weekly but better pricing than drop in
    • Allows for some practice time and growth without stress
    • Discounted over separate purchasing
    • An hour, biweekly, one on one with head instructor
  • Best Value

    2 Month Family Plan - Hannah

    Every 60 days
    16 hours of shared lessons among a family.
    • Mini Weekly Lessons- Hannah

      Every month
      • Biweekly Mini Tuition-Hannah

        Every month
        Mini lesson every other week
        • Weekly Private Lessons with Dawn

          Every month
          For beginner, little students, and students restarting
          • Monthly charge for weekly hour rides
          • Weekly riding lessons with trained instructor, half hour ea
          • focus on balance, stopping and turning
          • streamline yourself on the waitlist of head instructor
        • Weekly Minis with Dawn

          Every month
          Perfect for littles who need more entertaining in the saddle, or those with fitness struggles
          • 15-20 minutes max of time in saddle in the beginning
          • Includes teaching on the ground and grooming
          • Perfect for short attention spans and younger students
        • Biweekly Tuition -Dawn

          Every month
          • Family Plan - Dawn

            Every 2 months
            Student instructor splitting 16 hours among family members
            • 16 lessons, private or group to be split
            • Head Instructor's groups can also be added to this package
          • Guided Equine Diet Transformation

            Every 3 weeks
            9 sessions to have help making lasting healthy changes. I can help make adjustments on your journey.
            Valid for 9 weeks
            • Nutrition Consultation
          • In-Depth Diet Analysis transformation

            6 Longer sessions over 6 months. Guided and analyzed transformations with nutrition, summary each session
            Valid for 6 months
            • Nutrition Consultation
          • Massage Package

            3 massage sessions in a row. Break your horse out of that paint cycle and really feel the difference
            Valid for 90 days
            • Equine Massage - CEMT
          • Massage Rotation- for the athlete

            Every month
            Limited Time Pricing. 3 Massages every month. Get your horse out of the pain cycle.
            Valid for 3 months
            • Equine Massage
          • Monthly Access to 4 group lessons

            Every month
            drop in to lessons as your schedule allows and learn new things
            • Group Lesson LV 2+
          • Monthly Access to 8 Group Lessons

            Every month
            drop in when it works for you
            • Group Lesson LV 2+
          • Monthly Board Non Program Horse

            Every month
            +$100 Nonrefundable Towards Horse Wear
            Horses not used in the lesson program, and owners not in lessons.
            • Full board with a friends, forage, freedom philosophy
            • Unlimited hay
            • Trainer onsite with knowledge in horse health
          • Monthly Lesson Horse Board

            Every month
            Horses used in program or who's owners take lessons
            • Unlimited Hay
            • Friends, forage, freedom first philosophy. Let them be
            • Trainer on site daily, knowledgeable in horse health
            • 2 Certified Equine Massage Therapist on site
          • Monthly Training Board -less than 90 day

            Every month
            Tune ups and minor issues, NO COLTS for this package
            • Includes all of full board, top of the line care
            • Behavior analysis and in depth "discharge" papers
            • A better, fitter horse when you leave
            • 5 days a week of work, up to 6.
          • Monthly Training Board - 90 day or more

            Every month
            Colt starting, extreme rehab cases or problem behavior, rearing, bucking
            Valid for 3 months
            • For severe cases that need a constant 6-7 days of handling
            • Young horses age 2.5+ who need started or have sat for years
            • Dangerous behaviors where whole en needs analyzed
            • New horses without a history known well to owner
          • 2x per Week Private Lessons

            Every month
            Wanna step up your progress? Twice weekly lessons will double your monthly hours in the saddle.
            • Two private weekly lessons
            • Lessons every week we are open, priority over makeup lessons
          • Tier 1 Lease

            Every month
            Students ONLY. 3-4 extra times a week riding and loving a lesson horse.
            • More access to the barn, and help
            • Accelerated learning due to more practice
            • Basic tack, when not used in a lesson
            • 1-on-1 time with your equine buddy
          • Tier 2 Leasing

            Every month
            • Tier 3 Leasing

              Every month
              • Giddyup Gang Group Lessons

                Package for leadline group only, ages 3.5-11. You get 4 session, good for 3 months of young group lessons only
                Valid for 3 months
                • Wee Wranglers Giddyup Gang Group
              • Twice a Week with Dawn

                Two hours a week with assistant instructor
                Valid for one month
                • Twice weekly with assistant
                • Two hours to be split or a shared private
                • Assistant instructor schedule
              • Every Other Week Double Lesson- 2 riders

                Every month
                This plan will let you into biweekly spots with one other shared rider. This service replaces most private lessons and is the most common plan purchased. MOST weekday evening spots are for doubles.
                • Students 7+ with some expereince
                • Every other week

              All plans renew 30-60 days

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