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Services Below

These are reoccuring packages, and will be charged with card on file

  • 60 day access to 4 group lessons

    Every month
    drop in to lessons as your schedule allows and learn new things
    • Group Lesson LV 2+
  • Biweekly/ Twice Monthly Lessons

    Every month
    For those who can only commit twice a monthly. This will reassure a reserved 2x monthly spot.
    • Monthly makeup options available
    • Best option for those who can't do more often
    • Must be used within a month
  • Best Value

    Family Plan 2023

    15 hours to be split among a family
    Valid for 2 months
    • 15 hours to be split
    • Each rider on the horse counts towards package
    • Can be used in 30-90 minute increments
  • Weekly Mini Lesson (READ DESCRIP)

    Every month
    Charged monthly to card. Very young riders
    • About 10-20 min of riding
    • Half hour - 45min lessons weekly
    • Best for very young riders
  • 60 day access to 8 group lessons

    Every 60 days
    drop in when it works for you
    • Group Lesson LV 2+
  • 60 day access to 16 group lessons

    Drop in when your schedule allows, challenge your skills
    Valid for 60 days
    • Group Lesson LV 2+
  • Guided Equine Diet Transformation

    Every 3 weeks
    9 sessions to have help making lasting healthy changes. I can help make adjustments on your journey.
    Valid for 12 weeks
    • Nutrition Consultation
  • In-Depth Diet Analysis transformation

    6 sessions over 6 months. Guided and analyzed transformations with nutrition, summary each session
    Valid for 6 months
    • Nutrition Consultation
  • Massage Package

    3 massage sessions in a row. Break your horse out of that paint cycle and really feel the difference
    Valid for 90 days
    • Equine Massage - CEMT
  • Massage Rotation- for the athlete

    Every month
    Limited Time Pricing. 3 Massages every month. Get your horse out of the pain cycle.
    Valid for 3 months
    • Equine Massage

All plans renew 30-60 days

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