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 Nervous about riding? Maybe you have sensory overload issues and busy, public areas are too much for you? Struggling with your equine friend that you love so much? You could never dream of selling them but you're stuck and losing hope?

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Instructor of 6+ years, and horsewoman and enthusiast since age six, I consider myself a student of the horse and the universe. I have some debilitating anxiety myself that allows me to help riders experiencing the same thing.  I also use horse's to teach life skills, like healthy boundaries and clear communication.

Sometimes clients and I leave the session hugging in tears with revelations our horses brought us. Sometimes it's a hard session and our goals become stretched out. Sometimes it's all fun. 
 I have two personal horses with chronic health issues, that were deemed as behavior issues. I've reformed quite a few horses, and helped many nervous beginner and older riders that want to get back into riding after a break or fall. My references, videos and case studies will be posted available here. As long as I am alive, I will continue with my enthusiasm of learning, and striving to do better, with each horse and human I meet.  To read more about my experience go here "Hannah's Experience". 


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Training and teaching at
Jasper Farms, LLC

Jasper Farms is happy to have Hannah Parsons and Surefire Horsemanship as part of our family! Hannah is an approved TIP trainer with 20 years of riding experience and over 14 years of training and equine health and management experience. specializing in colt starting and problem horses, and adaptable training for the safe recreation and family horse. She also has Equine Assisted Learning and Psychotherapy training, along with extensive experience teaching children on the autism spectrum, and has been active in 4H in the past. Tina and I have watched her work quite a few horses (including some of ours) and love the way she handles herself and the horses!
If you have any interest in lessons for yourself or training for your horse, stop by and visit! Hannah would be happy to talk with you! - James Jasper owner of Jasper Farms



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Lessons in riding and horsemanship

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