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Hey there! Welcome to Surefire Horsemanship! I'm Hannah, and I'm here to tell you what makes us really different in matters of training and lessons, and why you might want to stick around. I've been in the horse industry in some form for over 13 years as an instructor, a serious 18 years training and starting colts, and I've been riding for over two solid decades. In that time I've worked with many local trainers, clinicians, and instructors along with classes in childhood development and neurodiversity, and brain injury management, to get where I am today. I've seen some stuff, still very eager and early in this industry. The learning just never stops! Our training and instruction style is a blend of the traditional and the classical principles, recently Ive started relating it more towards classical principales which have been around for centuries, with modern science to back it up. We're all about calming rider down, boosting their awareness of themselves and the horse, and helping them regulate themselves and their emotions. I've obtained a large amount of experience working with special needs and neurodiverse demographics, so I know the importance of creating a welcoming and safe environment for learning. I, as well, have learning disorders and anxiety and have found methods to help both in and out of the saddle. Our main goal is building confidence and tackling processing issues for both anxious riders and horsemen. We believe that teaching body awareness and emotional regulation are just as vital as physical comfort and riding theory. Feeling safe, emotionally as well, is key to effective learning. Our lessons offer a popular emphasis that's been gaining a well-deserved following. It's being taught by sports psychologists and rising gurus in the horse world, groups are waking up to some different ways of doing things and putting mental health at the forefront. We take pride in providing an approach that falls between regular skill lessons and adaptive, considerate lessons that apply to so much more. So, expect a distinct experience that sets us apart. These are not your average lessons. Stick around long enough you'll see they look different for each rider. When it comes to boarding and training, I'm all about genuine and direct communication. Peace is the name of the game at my barn, and to ensure long-term harmony, I believe in being 100% transparent about expectations, policies, and boundaries. We walk the talk, my friend, we truly do. While I am happy to answer all questions, you can find a ton of information and videos on my website to get a good grasp of my approach. And if you're new here, let me know how I can help you understand the barn's expectations. My aim isn't to surprise anyone. I want to know early on if my program isn't the right fit for you, so you don't need waste any effort, or money. We're lucky not having to deal have cribbers or underweight horses here. We only have well-managed chronic conditions and horses that are showered with love. I think our managment keeps most vices down. If you've got any questions about nutrition, I will give you information and resources you will not find at a local feed mill. Salespeople aren't nutritionists, friend. Our horses are in top-notch condition, and if there are any issues, we handle them pronto. Speaking of nutrition, I'm all about a healthy, forage-based diet for my horses. We stay far away from shoddy feed programs because, we've seen from experience and science that they can make horses uncomfortable and harder to train. In the end, my goal is to help horses feel and perform their absolute best. And I believe that taking a holistic approach is the way to go. Good management leads to good training, which leads to some seriously good horses. I specialize in working with horses that have encountered their fair share of challenges. They may have had a rough go with a previous trainer or are displaying behaviors like rearing, bucking, bolting, or biting. My approach is all about digging into the root causes of these behaviors, whether they're genetic, physical, or psychological. I also offer colt starting and finishing services for select events. We can get them safe, with a good handle, and responding to leg. Your horse will get soft here. Now, get to know me. If you're gonna hire a professional, make sure it's someone you can trust. Research the process and the person you're sending your horse to. I'm a colt starter,but my expectations of owner's are high. People rely on me. I enjoy working with challenging horses, but I'm cautious and do things correctly I won't take a month to get on your colt, but give me a few weeks if they've never been handled. My long-term clients come from good old word of mouth, and I know that running a business is a delicate dance. Because what we do is different, because what we do works, we stay busy. We put the needs of the horses over the desires of the owners (although I try my best), and "Training with the Horse in Mind" is our motto. In case it wasn't obvious, I'm not just a trainer—I'm an horse manager, an equine behaviorist, who's all about equine health and wellness. That's where my focus lies: happy horses, and then happy owners. And trust me, when the students are happy and confident, it's like having a big happy family in my barn and things are copasetic. LGBTQ friendly, neurodiverse, local hilliard ohio farm. But hey, I get it, if our goals don't align, that's cool too. I'm more than happy to recommend other professionals who might be a better fit for you. So, thanks for taking the time to get to know me and Surefire Horsemanship. I hope to chat with you soon! Hannah Nusbaum

  • Weekly Private Lessons with Dawn

    Every month
    For beginner, little students, and students restarting
    • Monthly charge for weekly hour rides
    • Weekly riding lessons with trained instructor, half hour ea
    • focus on balance, stopping and turning
    • streamline yourself on the waitlist of head instructor
  • Most Popular

    Private weekly Tuition - Hannah

    Every month
    Get private weekly lessons with head instructor based on tuition rates
    • Monthly charge for weekly lessons
    • One on one with head instructor
    • Exclusive time to discuss questions and finer points
    • Perfect for those needing more focus
    • Average rate of $60 a private with 42 week a year operation
    • A lesson every week 42-44 weeks a year
  • The Elite Rider Package Weekly Charge

    Every week
    Best of both worlds, take a group lesson and a private lesson weekly
    • Get to work on finer points and broader worker with peers
    • Practice skills with an added layer of difficulty and fun
    • Learn from other riders' journeys
    • A combo of any 2 lessons offered that week
  • Monthly Access to 8 Group Lessons

    Every month
    drop in when it works for you
    • Group Lesson LV 2+

All plans renew every 30-60 days. Single lessons available

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The 3 F's
Friends. Forage. Freedom.

These have always been huge parts of my program. They will receive 8-20 hours of turnout a day, or more March-November. Dec-February 2-3 days of the month maybe arena turnout, on top of lot turnout. Always forage in front of them. Allowed to socialize, or taught to in a healthy way. 

Just good horsemanship

Gimmick free, trend free, we have an aversion to popular terms but we use the language we have available, so I do natural horsemanship, troubled horse training, and work with anxious riders. We preach adaptability and staying flexible here.

Nutrition is the foundation..

I place a great emphasis on nutrition. A balanced diet of 80%+ forage, grains, and supplements. We believe that good nutrition will help maximize performance and reduce the risk of health problems like colic. I will strive to find the most affordable solutions to make sure you are able to provide the best nutrition for your horse without breaking the bank.

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I would recommend Hannah for lessons and training. The kids love Hannah's approach with lessons. She keeps it fun and educational for them, while keeping the horses best interest first priority. As far as training goes she has a patient and gentle way about her. I've seen her work with all types of horses. Always positive and gives the horse the opportunity to process on their own time. We love her and all that she has done for our family and horse!

-Megan Spradlin, student and boarder

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Almost three months ago we brought our  rescue mare to Hannah, we didn’t have real high expectations to begin with. Aria came to us a total mess. Hannah has worked nothing short of a miracle. If you watch her videos of Arias progress it unbelievable how far she has come. Hannah changed her diet and taught her to be a trusting horse. We are totally blessed and fortunately to have Hannah take this massive job on. She has had such patience with my husband who basically hadn’t had time riding at all. She has taught my husband the art of riding with little lovely Patches and with Aria. Thank you so much Hannah.

-Cherie, training client

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