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Meet The Horses



Patches. 11 year old Quarter horse mare. She loves kids, and loves to eat! Feel free to bring sugar free peppermints. She's on a special diet so she can perform her lesson horse duties. She does mostly western, but shows all around. Patches has PSSM and gets massages and chiropractor appointments often to keep her comfy. 


Star is a 15 year old Paso Fino. She has all kinds of cool gaits, and trots too! She is very gentle, but has the energy to go for hours! She is just over 14 hands tall, and is a light red roan/sorrel. 

Dolly is a 14 year old black Tennessee Walking Horse. Dolly came for training in spring 2021 but her owner's saw how Dolly thrived in this structure and she is now part of the lesson program. She is gaited and very smooth. Dolly is also sweet and lovable. She is a favorite.  


Frankie is an OTTB (off the track Thoroughbred) she wasn't fast enough for the track but she's plenty of spirited and fast for here. She is in training for some new disciplines and can be used by older, more advanced students. 


Sorsha is a gaited horse. She was a nursemare foal so we don't know exactly what breeds she's mixed with. She was a rescue. She stands 15 hands and is grey. She is very spirited but loves people. 

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