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More on SFH and what brought me to Jasper Farms, LLC in 2019

Glad you're here! I started training horses as a hobby well over 12 years ago.,

I was young and eager to learn, and ride where I could. Therefore, I took offer of anything I could ride. Sometimes that was the parents' coworker's untrained pasture pet gelding.

I learned a lot. My seat got better, But mostly, I had a lot of hard and painful lessons along the way. I remember a lot of really mean adults and kids my own age, telling me I had no business doing what I was doing, but never having an answer or solution on how to do it better. To me, that wasn't helpful. I believe if we're going to criticize others or point out flaws and mistakes, we should be able to troubleshoot and help others out...

Feeling I had something to prove, being young, and having an untrained young horse and no money, lead to me using a lot of creativity, and a lot of time in the library and on the computer. I would say I'm self taught, but truth is I learned a lot of what to do, and not to do, from both big namedI followed and lots of awesome local trainers who are hidden gems. 
At this point I've had a ton of instruction myself, through lessons, clinics and seminars. I never stop learning. 

Horses are a great emotionally healing hobby to be involved in...Or a lifestyle for some. I know through times of heartache and tragedy that I thought I could never pull out from, were aided by horses. From death's in the family, to bad teenage breakups, and anything stressful in life, horses have been my outlet. I want to help other's enjoy them just as much, whether that means teaching a 4 year old to ride, or helping someone enjoy the horse they haven't been able to ride in years due to behavioral issues. 
More on my story and my experience in training on the next page if you click here "Hannah's Experience". 

What Lead SF Horsemanship Here

Jasper Farms, LLC has their own rich story. Founded in 2016 and 

owned by James Jasper and his lovely wife Tina Jasper. '

They have their own 5 horses and manage the property and a small egg operation. They love holding events and get together for friends and boarders at the farm. 
In early 2019 I started (broke for saddle riding) Jame's personal young horse Cas at my previous facility. James was so thrilled, after already having tried to get Cas started by another trainer once that didn't end well.
I remained friends and stayed in touch with James afterward. When he knew I was looking to move locations for a change of pace and a more low key, less show oriented barn, he stepped up and invited us.
In August 2019 we moved our horse in, and in January 2020, we moved the rest of our herd to Baltimore, Ohio to continue SFH growth, and hopefully to help assist in the growth of Jasper Farms as well. 
Their heart lies with the young children, and those with disabilities. We will continue to strive to grow and improve so that we can offer move programs at different price points in the future. We want to make, and keep farm fun accessible to everyone. Click here to learn a bit more about Jasper Farms.   Goals of kids' camps, clinics, and group lessons are in the future. 

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